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Capbiotek, harnessing Bretagne’s biotech sector

Today Bretagne is a major player in the biotech sector with its exceptional marine and land resources, an internationally reputed agrifood industry, high-level expertise in technology and a strong academic potential.

A blue and green ambition

Biotech lies at the heart of the region’s economic development strategy, known as the Glaz Economy, from the Breton word meaning a blend of blue and green. As one of the region’s eleven strategic priorities, the sector aims to put Bretagne squarely on Europe’s biotech map.

The region’s biotech strategy covers 5 objectives:

  • Generate new projects and ensure innovations reach the market
  • Help with funding
  • Set out a proactive strategy to form alliances
  • Support and adapt education in life sciences
  • Engage in joint outreach to targeted stakeholders

Capbiotek, a network for achieving this ambition

Capbiotek is a network bringing together more than 300 regional biotech stakeholders: businesses, academic research laboratories, technology innovation centers, technology platforms, technology parks, innovation clusters…along with core organisations such as ID2Santé, Vegenov, Le Poool, la Technopôle Quimper-Cornouaille, BDI, BCI, competitiveness clusters, Bretagne Biosciences, Biosciences en Finistère

The network is run by CBB Capbiotek which sets our region’s strategic direction alongside Bretagne Regional Council.