EFB’s steering committee report

There will be an electronic business meeting of the EFB Executive Board at 10.00 CET (9.00 UK) on Monday 7th February 2022. It is suggested that this should be a two-hour meeting and be followed by a further two-hour strategy meeting in the afternoon at 14.00 CET (13.00 UK). Institutional Members will be invited to join the afternoon meeting.

France’s Research Branch Office Report

SBCN (Society for Biochromatography and Nanoseparations) ‘bioseparation.free.fr’ :

  • The 15th International Symposium on Biochromatography and Nanoseparations

May 17-20, 2021. Virtual

ADEBIOTECH (Think tank in Biotechnology) ‘asso.adebiotech.org’ :

  • Resistance to antibiotics

September 16, 2021. Evry, France

  • Tissue engineering for industry

December 9, 2021. Romainville, France

  • Cell factoreries for industrial bio production

March, 2022

SFGP (French Society for Chemical Engineering) ‘sfgp.asso.fr’ :

  • Circular engineering

November 16-17, 2021. Paris

  • Scientific and technological solutions for the economic transition

November 7-10, 2022. Toulouse, France

SFBBM (French Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) ‘sfbbm.fr’ :

  • 2th French congress on integrative structural biology

November 29 to December 3, 2021. Paris Saclay

  • Annual congress

July 4-5, 2022. Paris

SCT (french Medicinal Chemistry Society) ‘sct-asso.fr’ :

  • On the hunt for next generation antimicrobial agents

December 9-10, web symposium

  • 27th EMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry

September 4-8, 2022. Nice, France

SFM (French Society for Microbiology) ‘sfm-microbiologie.org’ :

  • Weblactic

April 1, 2021. Virtual

  • Microbes

September 22-24, 2021. Nantes, France

  • Covid 19 : Epidemiology and Environnent

October 15,2021. Webinar

  • 17th SFM National Congress Microbes

October 3-5, 2022. Montpellier, France

SICOS (Biochemistry Union) ‘sicos.fr’ :

  • Flow Chemistry, Biocatalysis, Synthetic Biology

January 21, 2021. Virtual     

AFBV (French Association for Plant Biotechnology) ‘biotechnologies-vegetales.com’ :

  • Plant Biotechnology between Science and Society

June 28,2021. Paris

XXVll EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry

The XXVll EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry is organised by the Société de Chimie Thérapeutique (SCT), on behalf of the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (EFMC).

The symposium will take place in Nice, France from September 4-8, 2022.

The EFMC is the main organisation for the European Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology community, with 26 member societies and about 7.500 members. Its biennial EFMC-ISMC is a key symposium in the field of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery and it traditionally attracts around 1.000 participants both from industry and academia. The most recent EFMC-ISMC meetings took place in the United Kingdom (Manchester, 2016), and Slovenia (Ljubljana, 2018), while the edition initially planned for Basel, Switzerland in 2020 will be run as a Virtual Event in 2021.

We look forward to welcoming you in Nice in 2022 !