French Federation of Biotechnologies

The French Federation of Biotechnologies brings together a certain number of scientific societies of biology and chemistry

ADEBIOTECH (the independent biotechnology think tank), CBSO (Biocatalyst Club in Organic Synthesis), SBCN (Society of Bio Chromatography and Nanoseparations), SCT (Society of Therapeutic Chemistry), SFBBM (French Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), SFGP (French Society of Process Engineering), SFM (French Society of Microbiology).

& SICOS (French Company Network) and CAPBIOTEK (Biotech Britany Network)

& ENSTBB, ESBS, Sup’Biotech (Biotech Engineering Schools)

All of them are members of operational Committee.

Moreover, FF Biotech has relationships with other international federations (EFB, ESBES, IFIBIOP, AT Biotech)

The goals of FF Biotech

  1. to encourage cross-fertilization between the different disciplines and sectors,
  2. to support training in the area covered,
  3. to label events organized by its members who so request, and any action contributing to the realization of the above object.
  4. to organized or co-organized or participate as sponsors of scientific meeting.

FF Biotech and its 12 components covers most of France’s public and private biotechnologies who have a great experience especially in the organization of national and international congresses.